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how php framework will help you to develop a big projects?


how php framework will help you to develop a big projects?
The PHP language has many web frameworks and every framework has its own advantages and some common features here we are described why PHP frameworks will help you in big project development.

Here we some points described identifying why and how will help PHP frameworks for projects:-

1. Time Savings:-

Time-saving in the sens to create configurations and DB connection classes and others helpers and utilities to help and improve development and save time, but in the frameworks, it is already written with some system functions and helpers DB connection and also available to handle using ORM (Object Relationship Mapping).

2. Security:-

The web frameworks have already done basic and advanced level security because they already follow the industry security standards and structure of the flow.

3. Scale-Ability:-

The frameworks have already been tested and done by a bunch of developers to develop scalable frameworks, also you can handle large projects to handle data and security.

4 Robustness:-

It is using and developing a whole system by a developer with a long and also if you want to change the developer is easy to switch because of the popular framework developer availability.

5. documentation and support:-

In the framework already have done documentation in public and you also want to support from other developers of framework organizations also you can search and find out different solutions of the framework from communities.

6. Integration:-

In the frameworks already created and documented third-party libraries for the integration like social media authentications, payment gateways, SMS gateways, and email systems.

7. Easy Debugging Process:-

In web frameworks very easy to debug and testing of the code, because it has already logging and disbudding system file implemented.

8. Rest API:-

Most web frameworks provided to create REST API are very easy with authentication systems and the API is also used anywhere like front end and app development.

These are some features of why and how to help out PHP web framework for big projects.

In the above point, we understand why and how will PHP frameworks help to develop projects.
here have some best frameworks of PHP:-
  1. Codeigniter:- MVC, HMVC
  2. Laravel:- MVC, ORM, Database Migration, Events Queue, Templating
  3. Cakephp:- MVC, ORM, Database Migration
  4. Yii:- MVC ORM
  5. Phalcon: it c extension framework and most secure fast and reliable framework

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